Arts Emergency

Alex Moate

Specialist Coach for Creatives

    I currently work with many emerging artists, who are at the stage when they want to really activate their creative careers. They may come to me because they are overwhelmed when thinking about how to take their creative careers forward, or worried that no one will like the work that they produce. I work with them to build confidence, draw out from them their next steps and provide structure and accountability as they shape their plans and put them into practice. I left art college in 1995 with a good degree, then realised I didn’t know what I was going to do next, I did various things- working with artists in China, running art workshops for people with disabilities and then working for a number of years with 16-19 year olds. I then set up New Creations Coaching as a service that would be there to work with emerging artists, encouraging them to pursue their creative careers and to provide the guidance and directions that I myself lacked when leaving college.

    I have chosen to volunteer as the idea for AE fits so well with what I offer and I would love to be able for a younger client group to access the benefits that creative coaching can bring to the direction and decisions that a young person makes when thinking about pursuing a career in the arts.