Arts Emergency

Alexandra Anderson-Dyer

Theatre director and practitioner

Having worked as an actress for over ten years, I began exploring the area of directing several years ago and since when I’ve been developing my process and skills by staging my own productions, assisting others and gaining experience in a variety of roles outside that of director. I also began studying and, on the merit of my professional experience thus far, gained a place at St. Mary’s University College to further develop my directorial abilities and expand my general understanding of theatre. This I completed, graduating in 2010 with an MA (Merit) in Theatre Directing and receiving praise from various industry professionals, including the author of my final production, playwright Philip Ridley.

Before starting my MA, I worked and trained as an actor and set up my own company, The Bunbury Banter Theatre Company. Our main aim as a company is to make drama accessible to all but particularly those who are currently unaware of it or unable to access it. To do this, we specialise in working with new writing to make audio drama; both on stage and off. Since our beginnings, Bunbanter has produced over eighty new radio plays which air world-wide and stage several productions, supporting both new talent and new writing with every series. We recently won Best Short Drama in the British Public Radio Awards 2013 which followed our previous nominations for a Radio Academy Award in 2012 and Channel 4 Talent Award in 2008.

As well as the company work, over the past few years I have personally produced several short pieces of new writing, facilitated numerous workshops and classes and directed several professional and youth shows.

I decided to approach Arts Emergency in the hope of becoming a mentor because I completely support their aims and ethos. As we regularly see within my company’s educational work – the arts are really struggling at the moment and not enough is being done by those in power to safeguard and promote them for future generation. In addition to this some forms of art are in danger of becoming (if they’re not already) more and more elitist and inaccessible for a variety of reasons – such as financial, social, physical hardship for example. My company and I are passionate about combating this and passing on our knowledge whilst supporting accessible arts for all; which is why I’d like to support Arts Emergency.