Arts Emergency

Andrew Chippingdale

Freelance theatre critic

Since graduating in 1999 from Leeds, I have pursued a fairly meandering path in the arts. Primarily because I find them more-or-less endlessly fascinating and rewarding, and because I hate being bored more than I hate frequently not making enough money (although I believe making money is also possible).

I’m volunteering because I do think there’s more than a slight element of truth to the idea that it’s “”not about what you know but who you know””. And because when I started, I didn’t know anyone. And it’s helpful to have someone around to introduce you to people, and someone who’s done some stuff to talk ideas/ambitions over with.

p.s. Yes, I write *about* theatre, but I don’t necessarily need my mentee to be hard-wired to want to become a critic (who wants to be a theatre critic aged 16?). But, perhaps unusually for someone in my line of work, I do know *a lot* of people on the other side of the footlights in the industry and as such have as good a list of contacts as any actor or director.