Arts Emergency

Ant Hampton

Performance Maker

I had a mostly privileged background, went to a boarding school, and was doing well in exams etc. The assumption was that I should go to Oxford or Cambridge, but i didn’t like the kind of theatre they did there (amateur / text based) so I looked for a theatre course which was practical. Ended up going to Hull, but once there I realised i wanted skills rather than academic knowledge – of both drama and french, which is what i was taking there. So I left after 4 weeks and went to Paris, to train at an international theatre school called Ecole Jacques Lecoq. I did the two years there and basically have been making my own work ever since. I try to remain as independent as possible, making work that tries to create high impact with little means. I’ve managed to get by without ACE funding for the last 6 years.
Most of my employment is outside UK – I move around a lot, working internationally, and since September i’m living in Brussels.
I think some of the tactics I’ve learnt, and an international perspective, can be of use to others.