Arts Emergency

Brendan O’Grady

Communications Director

Unless young people have a certain type of family background, go to a very good school or have someone who can help them start their university life or career it can be daunting or very hard to get into some courses or professions. I was lucky to get into a good university, but that was only with encouragement from great teachers. So I would like to help young people with aspirations, but perhaps not the right help or the right connections to do the same.

An Alternative Old Boys Network is a great idea and hopefully part of the solution to the unequal society we have in the UK. I would be really pleased to be a small part of it.

I would be especially pleased to help any students who are thinking of studying politics or philosophy, and/or anyone who would like advice on how to get into jobs in and around politics and the civil service. I have a reasonably good network of contacts myself and would be more than happy to put this to use to help Arts Emergency mentees as well if and when it is useful.