Arts Emergency

Daisy Lyons

Recent Art's Graduate

I am an individual who has not had the most privileged background myself. Born in Bristol I was moved around the country as a young child before settling in Essex where I finished my schooling. I have seen and heard a lot of difficult situations as a child and know what it feels like to be in an under-privileged society for a variety of reasons. Moving across the country caused a lot of issues in terms of my education as I was constantly behind due to varying periods of time out of school. I had a lot of negativity projected towards me by primary school teachers who were less patient and understanding of me, one even told me I would never achieve anything real with my life due to my difficulties in education. As a result I finished primary school with SATS Levels 1 in English and Maths and 4 in Science. Going through Secondary School I began an after school Drama club with some friends where I discovered I had a talent for performance. I felt a real drive to continue performing because it was the one thing I had in my life which was constant and rewarding
My skills in Drama improved my confidence and I began to catch up in past schooling, my English skills drastically improved and I was able to use these skills in a variety of different classes; I was only predicted 4 C’s at GCSE, however, through hard work and determination I received 8 GCSEs at a C. College was a great time for me, not only did my teachers understand my needs but they aided me emotionally throughout my studies which I really needed. I was kept behind a year to gain knowledge and confidence in drama which only improved my determination to succeed in an area felt a real passion for. I finished my BTEC First and BTEC National Diplomas with Distinction, Distinction, Distinction, which is the highest possible results. The decision to study a degree wasn’t difficult to make because I struggled through education, and was never expected to be able to study a degree. Just being able to go was exceeding expectations. I found University to be very difficult, far more difficult than anything I had previously expected, however I carried on working as hard as I could and passed without any failures.
It is because of my experiences and difficulties I have got to where I am today and if I was able to have a person aiding me through these difficult processes I believe I could have achieved more than I already have. This is the reason why I would like to become a mentor for Arts Emergency.