Arts Emergency

Dana Segal

Youth Engagement Officer

I’ve only really been in love with the arts as a career path for about five years when I discovered it at college, and every day I am more determined to create an even more successful career for myself. Why? Because I’m sick of people telling me that it isn’t a “safe” career path due to all the current cuts, that I won’t be making any money till I’m 40. I have a first class degree, I run my own theatre company, and I work at one of my favourite arts institutions helping them develop and nurture young talent. Not because I’m the smartest person; not because I’m good at writing job applications, but because of my love, passion and participation in the arts. I wake up every morning with a spring in my step, knowing that I’m not going into some dull office to do a job that has no greater purpose than paying for a holiday abroad to escape it all. I get up knowing what I do will make a genuine difference to people’s lives every day, and THAT is the power of a career in the arts.