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Darren Hayman

Songwriter/ Video Director/ Artist/ Music Producer/ Record Company Owner

I write songs. I’ve made 15 albums since 1997. I have done most parts of the job. I’m self sufficient. I’m a cottage industry. I make videos. I design sleeves. I record myself and others.

I work really hard but am grateful that this is my full time profession. I specialise in thinking of ways of unlocking creativity. I don’t believe the muse is something we should wait to strike us. I think that good ideas need to be hunted down. I have strategies for making these ideas easier to find.

As well as being able to help with creativity I can also just teach the more practical stuff. How the music industry works. How to distribute and manufacture records. Press, PR, etc.

I have teaching experience at all levels. should tell you what you need to know about me.