Arts Emergency

Duncan Gates


It was at university that I started writing, mainly just to meet people and make them laugh. This led to me doing an MA in Theatre, just to learn more about a process that I wasn’t really that familiar with. After leaving university in 2003 I spent many years slowly training and acquiring the skills to get me where I currently am – a represented playwright and producer of my own work, with a solid training background, including the Royal Court, West Yorkshire Playhouse, RADA and Arvon, plays being read and positively received at a very high level. I have done all this with limited support, and writing has kept me going through some extremely tough times. I absolutely love telling stories, and it breaks my heart to think of how many times I nearly gave up because the practicalities of life and how they have in numerous ways gotten in the way of writing. I’m now at a stage where all of the struggle seems to be paying off, and I want to help inspire people in similar situations to a) not give up and b) retain a grip on the ‘vision’ that inspires them. Both these things can be very easily lost, and when that happens the artist goes with them.