Arts Emergency

Ellen McDougall

Theatre Director

I pursued my path in the arts after having studied literature at University and realised that I really liked listening to, and telling stories. I also really enjoy the process of creating a piece of work, and exploring how to put a story on stage. I like theatre because it is a live event, experienced by a group of people (the audience), who probably have never met one another, but share their experience of the story being told in that moment.

I work as a freelance director as well as being based at the Gate and Lyric Theatre’s part time, where I work on specific projects, and help to raise awareness of the work being made.

I have directed productions for adult audiences, young people, and children. This year I am directing a production of Henry the Fifth for 8-12 year olds at the Unicorn Theatre.

I’ve also run workshops and directed new plays by young writers and with young people without any formal training in theatre or performing arts.

I really enjoy working with people who bring a different perspective on the world and on theatre. I belief the health of our industry depends on having a variety of people and voices and ideas working within it. This is why I’ve volunteered for Arts Emergency.