Arts Emergency

Emily Webb

Record Label Administration

It was not an easy choice when deciding to pursue an arts degree, as many friends were going on to study mathematics or engineering but I am so glad that I did. My passion for music, theatre and literature was fueled at school and through my social groups and continuing these studies at a higher level gave me greater opportunities to meet like minded people, compose my own works and create informed opinions on literature and music. Whilst at university I explored areas of music that I had previously not considered and found these experiences to be hugely helpful not only to my academic life but also in gaining personal confidence.
Whilst at university I undertook an internship at EMI Music where I was part of the Marketing and A&R team. This internship was a great insight into how the business worked and I found my 4 months there very interesting and fun, meeting new people and gaining valuable workplace experience that helped me mature. Through this internship and the connections I made I was lucky enough to obtain a job as soon as I left university at EMI Music. I am grateful to be working in the arts and truly believe that they are a vital part of humanity and if the arts are your passion you should be given the opportunity to learn, experience and develop your skills.