Arts Emergency

Jake Orr


I’m a passionate and driven individual who has had a varied journey into the arts. I founded the popular website A Younger which gives young people under the age of 26 a platform to write about the arts. Alongside this I have worked with arts organisations large and small as a freelancer for marketing and digital roles, and in a consultancy capacity. I’m still in the early stages of my career, and if truth be told, I’m still unsure what shape it will take in the next few years. What I can offer is an understanding of paths into the industry, how sometimes if the opportunities aren’t there, you make them yourself.

I have many connections within the arts, through A Younger Theatre, and my own freelance work.

I’ve also worked extensively with young people in the last four years, mentoring and developing their writing skills through AYT, and more recently through the National Student Drama Festival.