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Julia Silk

Editor/Digital Projects Manager

It first occurred to me that the publishing industry was where I wanted to be when I realised that it was the perfect career for someone who’d spent the past fifteen years lying around reading novels when they were supposed to be studying. I didn’t find it easy to break into the industry (possibly because my academic results didn’t reflect my literary passions!), which I am sure makes me appreciate even more that I get to do what I love for a living. I wish I had had a mentor earlier on in my career, but after taking a somewhat roundabout route working as an in-house and freelance editor for various academic and trade publishers, I landed at Orion seven years ago, which made all the persistence worthwhile. I currently work as an editor and digital projects manager, publishing classic crime novels, as well as working in other areas of the business to investigate new opportunities and potential partnerships for the business.
Having lacked the kind of early advice that would have been invaluable, I really love being able to help those looking to build up their experience, skills, confidence and contacts.