Arts Emergency

Kirsty McGee

Musician, Singer/Songwriter

I’ve been passionate about the arts, particularly language, literature & music since I was still at school. I love my current work: touring as a musician I get to see very little of the places I travel to, often don’t earn nearly enough for the work that I do & learn time & again about the joys & hardships of living about a third of the year on the road…I wouldn’t swap the chance to meet people, to use music as an excuse to travel & to sing & (sometimes) play with incredible musicians.
My background is literature. I became a journalist & as a freelancer, pretty much learnt on the job. I’ve been living long enough to have amassed enough interesting life experience to share! I’d be delighted to pass on some of it – both positive & realistic – to anyone who would like to listen. I’m also an excellent and compassionate listener.