Arts Emergency

Lee Curran

Lighting designer

Being a classic maths+science student right up to the end of my GCSEs, my parents and teachers were slightly taken aback when I decided I wanted to study English and Theatre Studies at A-level. I’d realised that I got much more enjoyment and fulfilment from these arts subjects.

Despite having to retake a couple of A-levels, I finally made it to uni to study English & Drama, and during the course of my course, found myself enjoying technical work, and lighting in particular. With the encouragement of a college technician I decided that I might have found a career.

I didn’t go to drama school, I didn’t know anyone in the industry, but I started off as a graduate technician, then a touring technician, then a technical manager, and found opportunities to practice lighting design along the way.

I love the magic and the power of lighting. Intangible, but undeniable.

I’ve chosen to volunteer for Arts Emergency because I believe opportunities in the arts should not be restricted to the wealthy and well-connected. Arts education, professions and audiences should be open to all.