Arts Emergency

Lucy Fyffe


I feel very lucky to have found a profession that I enjoy as much as I do. I feel particularly lucky because I know that without the schools and universities I studied at, and the opportunities they afforded me, I probably wouldn’t have found acting. These places, which I was only able to attend through my parents’ and the institutions’ generous financial support, gave me the space to try things out, with the constant support of great teachers. I believe that Arts Emergency is doing a fantastic thing in creating privilege for people without privilege. I feel very much a product of my parents’ tremendous effort to do the same for me. In my own life I find university contacts invaluable – what a good idea to create an ‘alternative’ Old Boys Network!
Although I’m only starting out myself, I’d love to help anyone pre-degree with advice etc. either on acting, or university admissions in general. It took me ages to find acting – one Art Foundation (Wimbledon), one aborted Art Degree (The Ruskin) and one English Degree (Oxford) later!