Arts Emergency

Megan Evans

Education Zone Co-Ordinator

I studied American Studies at the University of East Anglia and chose to do so because I had a passion for American history, politics and literature and was attracted by the University’s offer of being able to study in the States for a year. I was lucky enough to have a teacher at school who saw what I wanted to study at University and lent me her entire collection of John Steinbeck books to increase my chances of getting into my first choice university. This is one of the primary reasons that I want to volunteer for Arts Emergency, to pass on the opportunity that I was given by a passionate teacher to students who have the potential to study arts but might not have the guidance to do so.

I am really passionate about higher education and arts and humanities education especially. My first role was working in a students’ union representing students on matters relating to their education. Whilst I was in that role, the University made the decision to close the music school as it wasn’t ‘financially viable.’ Our campaign to save the music school was not ultimately successful but it sent a clear message about the value of arts education to the University as students were very dissatisfied with the decision.

I have worked with less advantaged young people quite a lot and am committed to opening up opportunities within Higher Education. I have three years’ experience of working in a university environment so believe I could link up students with academics.