Arts Emergency

Naima Khan

Arts Journalist.

I’m an arts journalist with professional experience in theatre and film criticism. I’d love to offer my experience and skills to anyone interested in writing about the arts, interviewing artists, challenging or championing art in written or visual form because I think it helps us to think laterally and critically. My experience at university showed me that being able to prove you can reason and collate your thoughts intelligently and with personality is invaluable. I wish I had known sooner.

I grew up in Luton, Bedfordshire where to know anything about the arts is to be “posh”, not a tag you want in that town. The tone of my school was all about getting a job although there was a distinct lack of accurate information about careers. I went on to study English at university simply because it was my strongest subject and after obtaining a 2:1 I felt like I was qualified for everything and nothing at the same time, so broad was my degree. I travelled for a bit and completed an internship at Spoonfed before my boss asked me to interview for my current role.

I’d love to be part of Arts Emergency because I want to hear what young people think about careers in the arts and let them know that their perspective on theatre, film, exhibitions, poetry etc is valued and it doesn’t make them “posh”.