Arts Emergency

Pandora Vaughn


An artist working across disciplines in print, textiles, drawing, architecture and landscape, I am based in London but have spent many years working in north Wales and am originally from Canada. I have collaborated extensively with architect Huw Owen and with other artists on projects in the public realm. These include visitor interpretation, landscape design, boardwalk routes, sculpture, signage, performance and structures.

During the excellent Creative Partnerships scheme I worked with three schools in south-west England to stimulate interest in 3-d design and a sense of place through a range of design projects. I also worked briefly with Splash Arts in Tower Hamlets on art sessions for special needs students from Phoenix School which I loved. It only stopped when my daughter was born earlier than expected.

After art college, where I experimented with everything, I developed an interest in making art outdoors and thought landscape architecture skills would help. I got sidetracked and then railroaded into putting the green bits on car park plans for a few years but have found my way back to the studio and art making. It wasn’t wasted though, as my understanding of built environment projects is a great help on projects and I believe that all experience is useful eventually and all skills find different outlets.

The Arts Emergency project is a great idea. Working in the music industry for years I could see the segregation happening through unpaid internships and always told myself that if I was able to offer something useful to a young person interested in doing something difficult like being an artist I would. I can’t offer anyone a job (yet) but I have lots of experience and insight into complicated projects and am good at research and making links and connections.