Arts Emergency

Riley Madincea

Actor/ Writer

I actually started out reading medicine but found a love of performance through improv comedy, which I did on the side of my studies. Gradually I started giving more and more time towards improv until my grades started slipping to a critical level. I realized then that you can only be truly great at something if you have an undying passion for it. Turns out performing is my passion, and I’ve been lucky enough to have the support to let my decision to leave medicine for acting be nurtured into my actual real-life job; through my BA degree, through my MA at drama school, and now as a working actor in London.

I know how overwhelming and scary the idea of leaving a stable, train-tracked life for a career in the arts can seem – which is a chaotic career even at the best of times. And I know how lucky I was to receive the support I had from my family and my friends, so its something I’m always trying to give back to artists who are just a few steps behind me on that rocky road. I’m here to help, because I know what a difference that can make to a life.