Arts Emergency

Rob Cas

Actor/ Writer/ Musician

I’m almost 30 years old. I have a masters degree, I run a company, am a trustee of a charity, have been in a feature film, written songs for E4 and the BBC, performed in the west end, recorded an album, won an award in South Korea, written travel pieces for Toyota, performed in an international arena tour of a music and once I was in a deodorant ad with an incredibly beautiful model. I think i’m fairly talented, but mainly I have been able to do so many fantastic and exciting things because I was encouraged, supported, guided and given opportunities. My time at University opened my world – I tried things, met people, asked questions. And along the way i have had some great advice. If I can start giving advice, that would be swell, so that’s why I want to volunteer. I also think I can help, because it’s a difficult industry to be in. I believe in the arts, not just because they’re great fun but also because they give life meaning and help us make sense of things. There are a million things to say and I don’t know how big this text box is so I’ll leave it there…