Arts Emergency

Will Lee


I remember the impression it made when, aged about 15, i spent a couple of days in architects’ offices and was shown around a building site, and having been lucky enough to end up in that line of work myself, would like to do the same for others.

I’ve had a range of experience at art schools and universities in Glasgow and London, (and currently teach architecture to 2nd and 3rd yrs at Greenwich University). Since leaving university, i’ve predominantly worked in a practice that has grown from 15 to 250 people in that time, and am currently working on social and private housing, a primary school, and offices and retail. It’s a satisfying job that will get you involved in a variety of different activities, technical to aesthetic, consultative to managerial, historical and legal… and can also be pretty hard work!

However, worried about talented would-be architects being put off by 5 years of tuition fees, i hope that providing advice and a glimpse of what might follow will help some make that decision.