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Zoë Thompson

University Lecturer

I’m currently a lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University in the School of Cultural Studies and Humanities. We offer BA and MA programmes in Media, Communication, Cultures, English and History and History and Politics. I teach on the Media degree and my own research is concerned with the urban cultural experience, new media technologies, and critical theory, and the interplay between all three.

It’s taken me a long time to get to this point. After messing up my A-levels and having to complete them at night school whilst working full time my path through education has been indirect to say the least. I did my degree late, graduating at 25, and then spent a frustrating few years working in marketing, corporate law and university administration whilst completing two MAs and a PhD. I know how hard it is to get the breaks and the funding to complete your education. I know how important knowing the right people is and how difficult it can be when you don’t. I’m the first person in my family to go to University, so I also know how tricky it can be for students from, what they call in the trade, ‘non-traditional backgrounds’. I also, perhaps moreso because of the struggle, know how life-changing education can be, and how important the critical thinking skills the arts, humanities and social sciences offer are; how transformative, how necessary, how vital. I’d love to help people in any way I can to see those values and, even better, help them figure them out for themselves.