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We are a small grassroots charity doing big things and, right now, we are looking for new donors to help fund expert mentors, guidance and opportunities to support marginalised young people into higher education and creative careers.

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The coronavirus crisis has had a devastating impact on our 824 young community members and their families. If we don’t organise today so many young people will go from lockdown to locked out, right when we desperately need their new ideas, their optimism, their sense of possibility and their fearlessness.

Learn more about how Coronavirus is affecting our young members and how we are responding in this blog by our CEO Neil Griffiths.

Please, if you’re able to, donate today to give our 824 young members the best possible chance to stay on track and achieve their ambitions. Be it a £10 monthly gift, a one-off £50 donation or a pledge to fund one new place every year for £1,000, you will be creating practical support and real chances for a young person in a rapidly changing world.

If you are a current monthly donor and would like to amend your donation amount, please get in touch with our Fundraising Manager, Lucy on

For those who can afford to, we ask that you join our Bursar Club and support one student place a year. There is no more direct way to pass on your privilege and passion to somebody who will really use it. It costs £1,000 per place and below you can pledge to fund one new place every year.