Arts Emergency

Our appeal for support in 2018

“Arts Emergency are highlighting the reversal of decades’ of social access to the arts, and by association the possible disappearance of whole strands of discourse and the loss of educational enfranchisement to future generations. Save the thinker!”

We are a small grassroots charity doing big things, and throughout 2017 we are looking for just one new donor everyday to help fund a new nationwide service for working class students in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Today, we hope that donor is YOU!

We are lucky to have some high profile and extremely dedicated supporters helping us make the case for YOUR support.

Here, one of our most passionate and well known volunteers, the comedian and writer Stewart Lee, explains why he supports Arts Emergency, and why you should to!

There is no other charity doing this work, how we do it, and how we fund it – anywhere else in the world! Become part of something magical, unique and life changing for young people really struggling to make the break through.

We first and foremost appeal to those who can afford to, to fund one student place her in their name. There is no more direct way to pass on your privilege and passion to somebody who will really use it. It costs £1000 per place, and below you can pledge to fund one new place every year!





If you want to make a one off donation today, please use the button below.


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Theatre expert Joe, was matched with drama student Rosemary, and helped her gain a place at the National Youth Theatre’s summer school. There she learned loads about the theatre industry and made friends with like-minded people from all over the country.

Joe worked closely with Rosemary, and on results day was integral to helping her secure the last place on a foundation degree. This was when the importance of his role as her mentor really hit home, as she lacked the confidence and sense of entitlement to make the phone-call herself:

“It was such a clear case of her having more than enough talent to be on the course, but lacking the cultural capital / pushy middle-class parent to make sure she got the opportunity.” –


Since the May election, our volunteer base has trebled, which means that we have the potential to reach about 300 students. But with only two members of staff we can’t currently match more than 50 at a time. Your donation will help us to make more of our support and enable us to share many more stories like Joe’s and Rosemary’s. We have matched students who want to pursue careers in film, music, sociology, journalism, drama, psychology, costume design, scriptwriting, fine art and much more!

By donating to Arts Emergency, you’ll be enabling a network of creative professionals to give back some of their experience and privilege to students like Christopher, who is dyslexic, dyspraxic and has buckets of talent:

“I had a business mentor before and when I told him I didn’t want to work in an office he said he didn’t know how he could help me. I am the weirdest person you will ever meet and I can’t wait to have a mentor from Arts Emergency!”

Christopher, 16

With your help we can show more students like Christopher, Schmoovy, Rosemay, Kwasi and Lily how to ask for the things they want and demand more from life, society, politics, everything! Please help us to do tons more of this next year, by donating to Arts Emergency now.