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“…the Arts Emergency mentoring project has been a ray of light for me”

Student member Schmoovy

Adam wants to be a comedian, Eddie an artist, Jayden a fashion designer, Seyi a music tech, Nicole a poet, Schmoovy a musician, Alana a set designer, Jimi a musical actor, Dara and Sarah both psychologists, Tilly and Chelsea social workers, Kwasi a political journalist, Plamena an interior designer, Maria an actor and director, Kawsar an author, Fatima a historian, Ramazan and Danny both architects, Ellie a circus performer, Kristians a lawyer, Courtney and Jovan art teachers, Imran, Stephanie, Rebeca, and Estrella all actors, Wilhelm a researcher and writer, Linson a drummer.

And there are hundreds more dreams that need defending at this time. If austerity robs young people of hope, it is our job at Arts Emergency to give that hope back!

These young people deserve a fair chance. And since 2010, without money or connections they have found it increasingly hard to make the breakthrough.

They’ve seen the abolition of publicly funded arts and humanities education, and they’ve shouldered the tripling of university fees, the loss of the Educational Maintenance Allowance, Sure Start, Aim Higher and countless community arts projects, youth clubs and libraries.

You can do something about this! We all can!

About Arts Emergency

Arts Emergency gives life changing support to bright, disadvantaged young people who have bags of potential but little support or encouragement to take their passions seriously.

We’ve been described as an alternative to old boy networks – lending a hand, opening doors, giving advice and sharing experience with those most able to benefit from, but least able to access, that kind of personal support.

They can call on artists like The Chapman Brothers and Bob & Roberta Smith. Comedians like Shappi Khorsandi and Johnny Vegas. Poets like Kate Tempest and Scroobius Pip. Actors like Riz Ahmed and Joanna Vanderham. Authors like Neil Gaiman and Joe Dunthorne. Performers like Akala and Charlotte Church. Journalists like Polly Toynbee and Laurie Penny…and over 1000 generous, smart, inspiring people you’ve not heard of.

No matter what you achieved, somebody helped you on the way up – and Arts Emergency is your way of doing this. We only support those most able to benefit, and least able to access help elsewhere.

When you’re the first in your family to consider university, when you have a household income below £25,000 a year, when you and your family is on means-tested state benefits – you need support RIGHT NOW.

When you’re in care or a care-leaver, or a carer for a parent or siblings, when you’re on free school meals, when you have a learning or physical disability or live on your own under the age of 18, you need support RIGHT NOW.

There is no other charity doing this – anywhere. And we are funded 100% by your monthly donations.


You will donate today, so that tomorrow we go out and empower a young person in the care of social services or at a school where 60% or more of the student body are on Free School Meals. You donate to ensure that young person gets the opportunity of a lifetime.


We will send you a welcome pack and limited edition badge to say thank you – like the one pictured, which is from our friend the artist Bob and Roberta Smith!

If you want to make a one off donation today, please visit HERE