Arts Emergency

An Alternative Old Boy Network

Low income does not mean low imagination, low ambition or low intelligence. But the next generation are stopped in their tracks by fees and cuts, sidelined by policy makers and vexed by austerity. They need us to send the ladders down and we need their fearlessness and invention to change the world all over again.

When tuition fees tripled in 2010 and public funding for the arts was decimated, we wanted to do something meaningful for the low income young people most affected. We pulled together around 50 friends – artists, thinkers, writers, performers and activists. We pinned up a photo of the infamous Bullingdon Club. We listed the many advantages and favours those men had had on their way to the top. We pledged to build an open access alternative to that ‘old boy’ network that dominates arts, culture and politics in the early 21st century.

Now, our Network comprises thousands of arts professionals opening doors at all levels of the industry.

  • Charlotte Young

    Hello. I studied art because, after a period of ‘trying other things’ I realised I didn’t want to – and…

  • Claudia Young

    crikey… not sure.

  • Juliet Young

    I’m a 23 year old lover of the arts and recent English and Drama graduate. I’ve always looked out for…

  • Helen Zaltzman

    Despite no prior experience, since 2007 I’ve been co-hosting and producing one of Britain’s most successful independent comedy podcasts, Answer…