Arts Emergency

Amos Miller


I have been a professional musician for 20 years, playing trombone with all the major London orchestras (such as the London Philharmonic, London Symphony, Royal Philharmonic etc). I am also a busy studio musician and have played on numerous albums, video games, and soundtracks, from Call of Duty to Harry Potter and Inception.

I studied psychology at Oxford University before undertaking postgraduate study at the Royal Academy of Music.

I found that a career in the arts was the only thing I could think of that I wanted to do: whilst playing an instrument is not anywhere near as glamorous as people may think, it is a source of constant nourishment to be part of something that can enrich the lives of people in a cultural and spiritual way.

I am also an experienced teacher, and currently teach at the Royal College of Music junior department.

I believe that Arts Emergency is an essential organisation: the more that arts funding becomes cut, the more we must strive to ensure that the arts, the greatest human achievement, remain accessible to all.