Arts Emergency

Andy Newnam

Arts Internship Officer.

I studied A levels in Art, English Literature and History (with an AS in Media Studies), so arts and humanities have always been my passion. I went on to study History and American Studies at Nottingham, spending a year studying history/political theory at the State University of New York, I graduated in 2009. Since graduating I’ve used the skills my degree taught me and been very successful working in museums and universities, and now helping students get work experience, internships and graduate jobs with creative, heritage and arts organisations. I’ve always valued the skills an arts degree gives you, none of that boring science/engineering stuff, but the communication skills, the analytical skills, the skills to be a human being! 90% of jobs nowadays involve good communication and the skills to work with people – this is what I gained from my BA. You can teach anyone certain hard skills like how to fill out a database or how to use a computer system, but it’s much harder to teach the soft skills of an arts graduate.
I got involved with Arts Emergency because I believe in the above, but also because I now work with arts graduate employers and have learned so much from them – what they look for and why they value arts and humanities students and their abilities. If I was a mentor this is the invaluable stuff I could pass on! (PS. And I’m a nice guy).