Arts Emergency

Ben Mortimer

Film Producer/ Entertainment Journalist

While a BA can be a fantastic thing, I don’t have one. Unfortunately in spite of being interested in film, I doubted I’d ever break into the industry, and chose to study PR instead. Unsurprisingly, I only lasted two years.

After this, I spent five years working in a series of unsatisfying jobs, before meeting a couple of people who were working in the film industry. The idea that it was possible to actually carve out a career in the industry gave me the push I needed, and I began to pursue the career I had wanted, rather than the one I’d fallen into.

Initially this began with writing about film for my own amusement, but when the opportunity to do it for money presented itself, I grasped it with both hands.

At the same time as writing about film, I took any work I could on film sets, eventually developing the skills I needed to be able to produce a feature film.

It’s taken an incredible amount of work to get to the point I’m at, and I’m still nowhere near stable in my position in either job, but it’s definitely worth the work. The reason I’m volunteering to help with Arts Emergency is foremost to encourage talented, skilled individuals to work in the film industry. We need them.

Beyond that, I hope to be able to make it slightly less difficult for others to do a job that I (usually) love.