Arts Emergency

Bridget Conor


I remember that I have only ever wanted to study arts and humanities and I have literally never stopped! I loved drama, english and media studies at high school in New Zealand and I studied for my Bachelor of Arts in history and media studies, even though everyone told me those subjects weren’t “”academic”” enough and that I should probably study law or commerce instead.
I then studied for a Masters in communication studies and I wrote my thesis about the New Zealand film industry and the making of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I had taken a break between those two degrees to work (I was a terrible waitress and an average ski instructor) and I decided I wanted to travel but I also wanted to keep studying. So I came to London. My first year here, I lived in a tiny hovel and started writing a PhD at Goldsmiths College. I’ve now been here for six years, I’ve moved to a slightly bigger cupboard in Hackney and I’ve taught media and film studies all over the city, now at King’s College London.
I love to teach arts and humanities, there is nothing cooler in the world. I’m volunteering to be a member of the AOBN to share my excitement and experiences and to make sure I’m doing everything I can to help keep the doors of every university open to all.