Arts Emergency

Catherine Love

    Freelance arts journalist and copywriter.

    I’m currently working as a freelance arts journalist, theatre critic and copywriter, alongside studying part-time for an MA in Theatre and Performance and juggling various other bits of work. I initially pursued an arts degree purely because I had always loved writing but didn’t know quite what to do with it. It was only towards the end of my time at university that I eventually thought of bringing together my love of writing and my passion for theatregoing, a decision that has driven my subsequent path into the arts.

    ‘Love’ and ‘passion’ are overused words, but I think they are both absolutely vital for a career in the arts, and it is these words that explain why I have chosen to do what I do today. Another necessary quality is determination, as it is certainly not an easy path to choose. Along the way, however, I’ve been lucky enough to receive support and advice that has kept me going, helped me develop as a writer and convinced me that it was worth persisting with this career direction. That support is hugely valuable, which is why I hope that I can now pass it on and help others in the same way.