Arts Emergency

Charlotte Morgan-Nwokenna

Creative Director at Poejazzi

I am an arts junkie turned app entrepreneur and a passionate marketer who previously worked in editorial for Penguin Books. Before that I combined working in music PR and journalism with getting a degree in English Literature at Goldsmiths.I then multitasked my way through a Masters degree and working as an editorial assistant. I have written for a wide range of publications in fashion, music, film and events turning my love for writing and design into a love for content marketing, brand identity and publishing literature the way I would like to buy it: beautifully presented and in digital form. As Creative Director of Poejazzi I have helped develop “”London’s premier spoken word and music night”” (The Southbank Centre) into a multimedia focused music and poetry organisation.

Poejazzi is rooted in looking for up and coming artists in music and poetry but also behind the scenes. We work with emerging writers on our site and through our work with the visual artists who contribute to our apps and various visual features for our online magazine

Poejazzi developed into an organisation partly out of frustration with the current job market for recent graduates and continues to grow through alliances with students and recent graduates who are looking for the opportunity to take part in exciting projects that will enhance their creative career prospects.