Arts Emergency

Daniel McClennan


I am a practicing sound and video artist living and working in London, I play drums in two bands and compose ambient and sound collages from found material.

I studied Art at university because it provided me with a way of expressing thoughts and ideas i found interesting, within a forum of like-minded people who could push and challenge me; giving constructive feedback to help me develop into a better artist. I believed (and still do) that a degree in creative study illustrates a valuable curiosity in the world and ways to connect and interact with it.

I have volunteered for Arts Emergency because I have a vehement belief that those who find the creative arts to be something they can invest themselves in, should be encouraged and given guidance. It’s something you CAN pursue after University and it DOES have value.

I was lucky enough to have a tutor who encouraged my interests in sixth form, but fear i might have been in the minority.