Arts Emergency

Edward Berryman


As a teenager I loved football, writing and had a keen interest in politics and current affairs. By way of keeping all of these avenues open as potential career paths, I opted for a degree in Politics & History while pursuing my dream becoming a football reporter outside of my hours of study.

This meant taking on free work placements at national papers and magazines, and lots of them. I was incredibly lucky to have the financial and cultural support of my parents who helped make this happen, and that fortuitousness never escaped me.

It weighed heavy on my mind that other young people, from different backgrounds, never had this opportunity.

For me that was always patently unfair and didn’t represent an equality of opportunity that I believe is fundamental to a meritocratic and just society.

That’s why I want to be involved in Arts Emergency, to help redress that balance and allow aspirant young people to benefit from my expertise.

I have held a mentoring position before, with a brilliant charity called Friendship Works. FW provides mentors, indeed friends, for children from difficult backgrounds with chaotic home lives. The mentors become a constant presence in the child’s life, helping to take them out of difficult situations and provide the fun and support young people need at that stage of their life.

I now hope to offer the same advice, support and friendship for someone taking their next step at an incredibly challenging moment in their life.