Arts Emergency

Emma Rees

Theatre Production / Management

I studied English Literature at King’s College, London and started my career at the Hackney Empire. I’ll never forget how incredible it was to find I could play a role in theatre and help make incredible things happen. I want as many other people to feel that and to be part of it as humanly possible, through working, engaging with and participating in the arts. Our consumer society really worries me but I’d encourage everyone to consume, devour and positively wallow in theatre and the arts.

I’m the Senior Coordinator of the London Theatre Consortium. Prior to this, I was Executive Director of Unlimited Theatre, General Manager of Almeida Theatre and before this, General Manager of Red Shift, with whom I still work on a project basis. I have many years experience at senior management level, working predominantly in touring theatre, small, middle and large scale, in both the commercial and subsidised sectors.

I’ve also been a visiting lecturer at London South Bank University for the past five years. I’m privileged to be on a number of boards including JustJones& and Red Shift and until recently was Co-Chair of the Independent Theatre Council.

Working with the incredibly talented and creative people you find in theatre continues to be an incredible and inspirational experience. I’ve not stopped learning yet and I don’t ever want to!