Arts Emergency

Fairooz Aniqa

Sabbatical Officer at Students' Union.

I studied Media at college and took an interest in Fashion media. I chose to do my course at LCF initially as I had an interest in combining film and interactive digital media with fashion. Through my studies I became involved with the Students’ Union, where I volunteered on various projects and activities, including Buddying, which consists of meeting with and supporting new students to settle into life in the city. As a course rep, I became involved in the campaigning side of the union, and was elected into my current position. In this I work to represent traditionally underrepresented groups, such as black students, women, LGBT students and international students. I have specifically campaigned on a number of issues that I feel passionately about and that affects students and their studies, including discrimination in higher education (which leads to an attainment gap in terms of race), and also unpaid internships in the creative sector. I feel passionately about changing the student experience and ensuring that our voices are heard, and through my current role I have broadened my awareness of issues not just in the union, but on a wider scale. I have had a lot of experience now in student politics and have enjoyed developing myself as a person through the people I have met and the issues that I have campaigned on. I feel strongly that education is the most valuable thing that a person can have, and arts education in particular is vulnerable in these times. As someone who has completed a degree in an arts institution and also worked on the other side to learn about the ins and outs of higher education and its role in society, I feel that creativity is something that needs to be valued and nurtured, and young people encouraged and supported through creative education, because our contribution to society in all its forms is invaluable. I think Arts Emergency is a very important cause at a time when students are having the most valuable resources taken away from them.