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Geertje Dreijerink

Fashion Designer Manager/Lecturer

I run the Fashion Lab, which is part of Central Saint Martins’ design consultancy Design Laboratory. It’s a cross-disciplinary design studio working on lots of things, such as product design, graphic and communication design, insights reports and workshops, but I work mainly on fashion related projects.
This can be setting up a new jewellery brand in Italy, or designing a casual cycling clothing collection for the UK, or designing prints for a sportswear company in China.

We give students and graduates the opportunity to work on exciting projects to kickstart their careers and in return we get to work with very talented people. The best thing is that everyone we work with gets paid and all our profits go back to the college, which means back to the students.

Besides working at Design Laboratory, I teach at BA Fashion Menswear as well.

I’ve been at CSM since 2010 and think it’s a great place. Because I didn’t study here, it’ll always be this magical place where all these amazing people create wonderful things. Just so you know, each one of them also creates a load of not such wonderful things, until they do. There’s around 5,000 students in our building, so there’s always an opportunity to see some interesting projects and with the Foundation courses joining us finally there’ll be more to come.

If you’re interested in studying fashion, or want to know what it’s like after you graduate, or if you want to know something about studying at CSM, feel free to drop me a line!