Arts Emergency

Hannah Turner Wallis

Interdisciplinary Artist

Based on the inherent human instinct for connection, my practice uses collaboration and conversation as foundations for exploration within performance, wandering, exhibition and the written word. This interdisciplinary approach draws upon my desire to provide platforms for lateral thought processing, whereby communication through shared perception becomes vital. Without ever assuming that I will discover any answers I work towards blurring the lines between artist and audience and questioning the boundaries of our perceived engagement with art. It is through the pursuit of artistic development, a journey that began on a trip to Berlin whilst studying in Falmouth and has extended beyond my studies in Norwich to my current practice, that I have been able to find a viable and instinctual way of comprehending the world around me. It is through the freedom of creative study that I have been able to define myself as a person, a person who understands that there is power in the delivery of creativity. It is for this reason that I am a passionate advocate of education within the arts and will endeavor to work towards allowing this journey to become a reality for other young people.