Arts Emergency

Isobel Roele


I’m a lecturer in international law and theory at a Russell Group university and I want to encourage imaginative people who want to right social wrongs to study law at university. When I graduated with my law degree almost a decade ago, I had done a lot more than memorize cases and I certainly hadn’t been transformed into a card-carrying Tory.
After another couple of postgraduate degrees (I’ve always been bookish…), I realized that whether law supports privilege or questions it is a matter of who is doing the talking. The world needs more creative, inspired people talking about law and using it to question social privilege.
With that in mind, I’d like to offer the benefit of my experience and advice to anyone who’s interested in law but is a bit put off by the typical dry-as-a-bone image of a law degree. You might be a prospective undergrad or postgrad student wanting advice on how/whether to apply; you might be a current student looking to do things a bit differently. I’d love to see more people like you in my lecture hall…