Arts Emergency

Kashaf Chaudhry

Series producer

I always thought I was vaguely creative however I never really knew until I was studying law and realised I could never spend the rest of my life working with my fellow students! So I did a Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism and have never looked back. I have been working in television for 18yrs and started my career as a runner being paid £50 a week. At the same time I was working 6am-9am in the mornings at he BBC working on a phone competition for a breakfast show. It was tough however it threw me in at the deep end. I knew very early on that I wanted to spend my time learning the trade properly so spent time as researcher, an assistant producer and then got my break as a director. Since then it’s been all about pushing boundaries and never doing the same thing twice.

I’ve chosen to volunteer for Arts Emergency as I didn’t have any contacts in the media, none of family or their friends worked in the profession so there was no one to ask for advice. When I started working I came across endless numbers of people my age who got their first break through family connections. It’s a word of mouth industry and without some help at the early stages there’s a danger the industry can become homogeneous in its make-up.