Arts Emergency

Kate Webster

Marketing Manager/ Playwright

I’ve always loved reading and English was the only thing I really wanted to study. I did English Language and English Literature at A-level, and my school (a very standard state comprehensive) encouraged me to apply for Oxford. I had an amazing three years there, despite doing too many plays and not nearly enough work, and would encourage anybody who thinks they’d get something out of it to apply – not having gone to a private school might make you unusual there, but it doesn’t mean it’s not for you. I wrote two essays a week and had tutorials in a group of two, so if you want to stretch academically – as well as get the chance to do loads of extra-curricular things – you should definitely think about it.

I’ve run an outdoor theatre company, written/directed/produced five Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows, just finished my third Camden Fringe show and make my living doing marketing for membership organisations. I’ve found an arts education has really equipped me to do lots of different things and communicate with a wide range of people. I’m volunteering for Arts Emergency because I want everyone to have the opportunities I’ve had, and for every student to go on and fulfill their enormous potential.