Arts Emergency

Lily Smith

Music Consultant

English Literature was my favourite subject at school because it was the only lesson that made me think about life outside the classroom. It was inspiring and engaging and helped me form my ideas about politics, society, and freedom of speech. I feel that arts degrees in this country have been massively neglected in recent years, and I wanted to help out in an organisation that would promote equal opportunities for students from all walks of life to take up arts degrees for the their own personal development, and for the sake of culture and the arts in the UK. After my degree, it amazed me how hard it was still to break into media-related jobs and I realised that a lot of people in the industry were still part of a social or financial elite, and that the quality of an individual’s ideas seemed in a lot of circumstances to be secondary to their contacts list. I’d love to volunteer to try and address this balance and help inspire other students to pursue their ambitions in arts and media workplaces. As a music consultant with a background in music video production, my experience has been all about developing my communication skills and making ideas happen with dwindling budgets in the past five years, so I hope I can help encourage people do make things happen for themselves and stay resourceful and inspired!