Arts Emergency

Louisa Wells

Video Producer

I studied for a BA in Documentary film and TV at uni in Wales, I chose to study this because I’ve always been film obsessed and desperate to create video, art and design. The course in particular grabbed me because there was a really high level of practical work and I love real stories, they’re so often weirder and more wonderful than the things we invent. I had great opportunities whilst studying not only to develop my filmmaking skills but also my design and painting techniques, being surrounded with creative people in that environment is such a luxury!

I graduated in 2009 and started freelancing in London, starting out doing a variety of roles, including production assistant, storyboard artist, art dept assistant and editor for different clients. I gravitated towards a producer role and after 3 1/2 years as a freelancer have recently started as creative producer at a small production company where I help lead the creative direction of video projects for charities, music promoters and corporate companies, as well as managing logistics of making the final videos.

I want to volunteer with Arts Emergency because I believe that people *need* access to the arts, everyone should have the opportunity to use creativity to express themselves and be given the tools to do so, especially when they’re young. It’s sanity saving, and society needs creative thinkers.

I guess I’m more ‘media’ based than true ‘arts’ nowadays, but I am excited by the opportunities I have to influence (in particular) charity communications and how companies use creative approaches to tell (sometimes) important stories. Since starting my degree it’s been a pretty interesting journey to get here and I hope I might be able to provide some insight and advice to someone considering the same sort of path.