Arts Emergency

Misha Anker

Freelance Theatre Technician

Misha Anker

I really very much fell into technical theatre; I can’t say it was a childhood ambition, that would be untrue! When I was very small I wanted to be a horse, then a vet, but I’m not very good with blood. It was at around 16 that technical work struck me as something I could do, and so I stuck to my mum’s mantra: “”Well someone has to do it””.

I got very lucky, that at 17 I met the man who would give me my first job, quite by chance. So much work in this industry is about chance; and from that I have been lucky enough to be offered other opportunities, and to now be studying for my degree. (A BA(hons) in Theatre Sound).

It is for this reason that I have chosen to volunteer for Arts Emergency; so much in theatre is about passing it forwards, and if I can use my contacts and experience to give some other uncertain 17 year old their first job, then I would like that very much indeed.