Arts Emergency

Nic Cook

Artist/ Teacher

My Mam encouraged me to take art A -level as an ‘easy and relaxing’ subject as a respite whilst studying English, Psychology and History. However, I dropped History, loved psychology but loved making art more! My tutor encouraged me onto the foundation diploma at the FE college I was studying at, and there I was met with two tutors, Doug and Dave, who showed me how I could think differently, experience things differently, act differently even dress differently. Up to that point, studying in a town near Newcastle, I had gone along with the crowd and this foundation course allowed me to come out of my shell. My tutors inspired and enthused me over the year there and encouraged me to apply to Camberwell College of Arts, which I did, and got in, studying painting. The following 3 years established my passion for art and design and I worked across different mediums; painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, printing. Art school taught me more than artistic techniques. I learned how to think critically, for myself. How to put things into context. How to engage with others through debate and comment. I also met lots of people from different backgrounds, different ideals, working on different things, a lot of whom I am still in regular contact with. I graduated in 2009, since then I have had various roles in creative jobs from installing the famous window displays at Selfridges, assisting artists in making work, working as a gallery assistant and working in a sculpture workshop. I have always been interested in education and wanted to teach so I will hopefully be studying a PGCE in post compulsory education later this year!