Arts Emergency

Sarah Harvey

Publishing Rights Manager

I have been working in the Publishing industry for over five years, currently at the independent publisher, Quercus Books, and formerly at HarperCollins and Penguin. Most of my experience is in Foreign Rights but I have a wide knowledge of the publishing industry and have lots of contacts within it. I did an English BA in Manchester and have also completed a part-time MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature at Birkbeck College, both of which fostered my interest in literature and the world of books. I have chosen to take part in Arts Emergency because my industry is becoming more and more nepotistic and I fear is now only open to people who can afford to work for free for long periods whilst living in London because of the plethora of ‘interns’ and rubbish starting salaries. If I was starting out now, I would struggle to get into publishing and so I’d like to use my skills and contacts to help others who can inject some diversity into the industry.