Arts Emergency

Scott Jenkins

Grant Development Officer

In 2000 I was homeless in Glasgow. I was at a friends house watching Open University documentaries in the early morning (he had kindly let me stay on his sofa for a few nights) where I heard about the Hundred Years War. I was fascinated and went to the local library and started reading and very soon decided that I wanted to do a degree in Medieval History.

That original act of kindness (and a public institution now closed sadly) took me out of my terrible circumstance and gave me the motivation to get my life on track. I want to do the same for others!

I have almost finished a PhD and know more than anyone how tough finding funding, support and even just getting honest advice can be. I am happy to help any would be arts students (particularly in history or languages) or those undergraduates currently pursuing (strange term for it isn’t it?) a degree. I know my stuff and I used to teach it at University level so, I can help.