Arts Emergency

Suzanne de Emmony


I always wanted to be an artist… from a really young age. However, when it came to making decision about further education study I made some inappropriate choices. I chose a course primarily because I thought that it was practical and would give me a better chance of getting employed when I graduated… bad idea. In fact, I chose the wrong course at the wrong institution in the the wrong city. I was poorly advised, and not encouraged to follow a path towards something that I was passionate about. I hated it and spent most of my time either in bed or in the pub. It was a wasted opportunity.

When I had the chance to go back to university as a mature student I followed my heart. I got a place on the Fine Art degree course at Central St Martins & I loved every minute of it. Consequently, I worked really hard and was really productive, met a load of interesting people who had similar interests to me… and got a really good degree at the end of it.

I feel passionately that everyone, if they chose to, should have the chance to go to university. Your university days can be some of the best times in your life. An opportunity to study and socialise with people from all over the country (or world in many cases) from a variety of backgrounds that have a similar outlook to you. It can be a life-changing experience – a chance to find out who you really are and what you’d like to do with your life. Arts degrees are particularly good at this – they encourage people to think laterally and creatively. Arts degrees attract really interesting people and potential employers know (& like) this. The people that I graduated with have ended up doing all sorts of interesting things…artists, photographers, stylists, teachers, directors ….
Arts degrees actively encourage you to think like an individual…. and besides life’s just too short to spend three years studying accountancy!