Arts Emergency

Tara Brown

Events Officer for ACS Culture and Communities division

Tara Brown

I found out about Arts Emergency by volunteering for it. I love it because it’s a vehicle of hopefulness and action behind the hopefulness. I made up the quote ‘inspiration vs austerity’ and I really believe that. Current government has their priorities set and humanities/art education just isn’t one of them. There’s a generation of talent and skill and dreams I want to nurture/encourage, whether I’m volunteering or one day, donating when I have a steady job. I’ve volunteered before and I want to do whatever I can.

I feel like I’m a product of schemes like this in a way – I was part of the global graduates scheme for museums and galleries and I got to meet artists and the people who work in museums and galleries, and it helped make the arts more accessible for me. So that when I dropped out of uni, sick, and not knowing what the hell to do I could turn to the arts and it was the best decision I’ve made.