Arts Emergency

Tim Milford

Commercial Manager

I believe passionately in the Arts. I gained a tremendous amount during my time studying History at University. It is true that it is not every day that I get asked about the effects of the Black Death on landlord and peasant relationships in late 14th century England; however, I do find that every day I need to use my critical faculties to develop cogent arguments, that I need to be prepared to enter into debates on complex matters and that I need to be able to work independently. All of these skills (and many more), I honed at university during my course. I believe that the three years I spent studying some of the biggest questions that have been raised surrounding human society and development served to expand my mind and helped round me as a person.

I am volunteering to mentor for Arts Emergency because I want to assist young people who have the same passion for the Arts that I do. I believe that the Arts play an important role within society in that they challenge the hierarchy and status quo and that they help us express and celebrate those intransigent feelings that make us human beings with soul, and not robots.

The Arts will always be important –throughout history, governments or groups of people that diminish the Arts tend to be those who are trying to extinguish critical analysis of themselves.